How to download Game of War Fire Age

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Game of War Fire Age Hack

How to be better at Game of War Fire Age

There are many games for iOS where you build a city and attack other users. Game of War: Fire Age is quite popular in this specific genre. After playing a bit, while it seems similar to all the other games in this genre, this one comes with a slightly different attitude. Here is a short guide on how to become better in this mobile game.

First off, you have to constantly upgrade your power. Also similar to other games, you will be given a whole lot of quests, and if you follow them, your power will eventually increase. Here are some main tips that will help you get that high amount of power faster.

The first tip is to join an alliance as soon as possible. Alliances offer many benefits such as protection and they also speed up your building process.

Food is one of the most important sources since you need it to have a large army. The most popular choice is to build 21 farms and have just one of each of the other type of resources. With this setup food will no longer be a problem, and you should get a large army in no time.

The most important building – the Stronghold, allows you to level up other important buildings. You need to get this building to level 8 as quickly as possible. Same goes for barracks, as this is the building that allows you to train your troops. You are also going to need about 10 Villas. Silver is a very important resource since we need it for research and you cannot protect that resource. Make sure you have a large amount of hospitals to ensure your troops are ready for the next fight. The secret to getting a high amount of power faster is to get to the second level of troops .In order to unlock them, you will need a level 8 academy, 180k silver and some more resources you should already have. Make sure you always do the alliance and daily quests as these will bring you some good and free rewards. Don’t forget to claim them from the quest menu because they disappear after 1 day. Here’s another last tip: If you see a large army coming your way and your army has no chance of winning, send your troops away for some time so that they don’t die. You can get them back once the attack is over.

In conclusion, make sure you build a big army since that is the key to success in this type of games. And if you still find yourself struggling, you can check this site below for a working Game of War Fire Age Hack that will allow you to have unlimited resources and gold, this will surely make this game easier for you.